Charts, level 2 or both

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  1. I have been told that to be a trader, you need to use both charts and something called level 2.

    I have found lots of books covering charts, but none covering level 2.

    From this, can I infer that actually you do not need to use level 2 when daytrading?
  2. You just can't expect most people who write books to know anything about the interrelationships of markets and their leading indicators.

    As you read further you will work your way out of being able to learn to trade.

    Potential learning traders do not follow the path you decided, unfortunately, to take.

    One very amusing thing on ET is the ET members who are on the "fixation" path.

    Indicators are in existance for a specific particular reason: They are leading signal generators.

    A person either knows this from successful experience or he doesn't.

    Trading is very cut and dry. It is a binary vector experience when a person is taking the full offer of the market all of the time.

    You excused yourself from this pathway. Too bad for you.
  3. Charts, level 2, and time and sales are all essential. You can trade very short timeframes without the latter two, but you wouldn't last long.
  4. Paddler


    OP got it completely wrong.

    You can trade with Level 2 (or DOM) supplemented with T&S with laser shaped precision on turning points without the need to look at a chart. That is if you know the sequences of events for where to look for and what to look for.
  5. Phillip, I can see that you have spent a great deal off time getting a statisitically significant data base to form the basis of your questions.

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    1. My sample is not as good as yours. I do not have a stratified random sample. I only know about very successful local users and those that attend our international annual meeting by invitation after being vetted. You are excluded from that set from what you say.

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  8. Do you have a word for your friend's questions and his data base that supports the questions.

    I replied in kind for the humor of it. I can afford to.
  9. Why would I need a word for "(my) friend's questions"? His questions were for you and not for me.

    Anyway, Jack, my best professors at University while I was completing a B. Math, could always reduce complicated concepts into easily understood ideas. When I look back at some of the proofs I had to complete in my Analysis course, the best solutions were always very simple.
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    Thank you.

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