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    Had to cancel esignal, as too expensive for me to try to keep learning on. Trying to learn to trade the ES futures, and if I'm too old, and slow, go back to stocks. Question is this: does anyone use Ensign or ? Thanks for any recommendations.
  2. You still have to get a datafeed for it, if esignal was too expensive, dont know where you are going to get cheap data from.
  3. I dropped eSignal too because of the price (still learning myself) and the crappiness of the feed and program itself. Esignal contantly froze up, lagged, you name it.

    Anyway, I switched to QuoteTracker (free) with Ameritrade feed (free) hooked up to Interactive Brokers. If you don't have an Ameritrade account, you can use IB's data feed. I absolutely LOVE it. No more freezing or lags even in fast moving markets. :D

    Good luck.
  4. If you use Tick charts then your best bet is IQfeed. If not just use your brokers feed.

    You've been trading for 10 years and are still learning?

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    Are you able to get futures data from the Ameritrade feed? I was unable to get any futures data through the Ameritrade feed and concluded that the Ameritrade feed does not have futures data, but would once they get the ThinkorSwim purchase fully integrated.
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    ameritrade dont offer futures trading so no futures data; try IB they have it.