Charts for the Bull Case and the Bear case.

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  1. as a humble chartist of 7 years, i am now able to travel between parallel universes and see a November election at two targets. the links below serve serve as commentary for the scenarios.

    At this point there is no reason for the markets to do anything other than what the Fed wants and the media is cheering. But that could change very quickly, just one red candle. :D
  2. The chart makes more "sense" after sipping a snifter of Hennessy. :D
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    Behold, the mystical power of charting!


  4. VSOP, not VS. :cool:
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    Simply "Intoxicating"


  6. bump worthy?
  7. Maybe. Update the charts.
  8. there is only one chart to update :D
    actually ill have to redraw the lines this weekend, but you get the idea.

    anyways, here is the first link from the bloomberg article that is broken on the OP. GOOD READ

    OBV.. i made the thread with the idea that the "bull case" was BULL ****".. i've had a short bias since October 09..

    i made money shorting the down move in the indexes, (albeit not the entire move.. but I am happy with my charting skills) MORE conviction and trust next time.

    the story ends that in the past month I got killed trading QM and E7.. the lil amigos of 6E and CL can also shank you.

    actually heading out the door to visit a legal brothel:p
  9. im bumping this from April of last year.. the print has SPX at 1217

    i was short ES into may around 1205 and made a few thousand dollars but i got killed elsewhere.

    the same charts are still relevant today and we are in the red zone.
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    From the Bloomberg article: "lower than any time since 1990"

    but they don't mention that US equities have been pretty much overvalued/in a bubble since 1990? pffff
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