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  1. Anyone know a good online source that allows you to see long-term charts of the spread between different commodities? E.g. natural gas vs oil, gold vs silver, wheat vs corn etc. Ditto for spreads between different months in the same commodity.
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    I don't usually like to advertise but this the only paying service( 250 $ per year or so ) I use on top of my platform.

    It's perfect for long term analysis of inter and intramarket spreads. You get historical charts, seasonal charts, seasonal spread charts, seasonal consistency charts( 10 last year seasonals vs 10 years before ), stacked view of expiries, spectrum of expiries, COT... You can test corn and crude oil for free on the website.
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    eSignal Support eSignal

    Might be worth trying eSignal OnDemand as it's an inexpensive way to get delayed (down to 1 min bars) and EOD data along with excellent charting, TA tools, backtesting, etc. We go back 30+ years on commodities like Wheat and Corn (with continuous contract syms) and you can easily build spreads or symbol overlays to compare contracts.

    Good luck in your search.

  4. I tried to use esignal on demand for sometime for spreads. on 15 min etc charts, it shows values never traded. nearly every bar is a doji. stay away from the voodoo!!
    scarr has free charts for corn and crude. I also use x_trader free (from velocity) for intraday charting calendar spreads.
    also check mrci web site. they show daily charts of their proposed spreads. (has trial)