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  1. I am looking for a charting software to trade the future DJ Eurostoxx50. I like Prorealtime but i's too expensive for me (around USD 90/month).
    Can someone advise a chart software around USD 30 /month max that has 1 second, 3 seconds, 5 seconds, etc candles.

    Free charting softwares like the Ninja or OEC (Open E Cry) platforms are not suitable as they use candles of 1 minute minimum. I would need candles in seconds timeframes, rather than minutes.

    What charting software would you advise?

  2. jimmyrey


    OEC & Ninja both offer candle charts in seconds....and tick & volume charts for that matter where you define tick size, volume size and the # of seconds for the candle.....take a free demo of either and you will see this for your self.

    Of course, you may find other packages that offer candle charts in sub minute periodicity but...just to point out both those you mention in your note above offer this.
  3. I've just found this:
    They cost only USD 14/month or USD 120/per year.

    I am a newbie in terms of charts softwares since I only know Prorealtime. Prorealtime is an application that works on it's own, i.e. you load the software and you don't need a feed from another provider to get the charts.

    I am not sure, but from what I understood on, it seems QuoteTracker draws the charts from the data feed of the broker???

    My broker is not listed on their website. My broker is Rosenthal Collins Group (RCG) that I use with the trading platform J-Trader and the feed is Patsystem. Can I use this with QuoteTracker with my broker's feed?

  4. Thanks jimmyrey
    I did a demo with both Ninja and OEC, but it was a while ago and don't remember seeing sub minutes charts. I will ask the demos again and test these.
  5. Hey jimmyrey,
    You're absolutely right, I am trying the OEC demo right now, and they changed they charts since I used their demo a while ago.
    I can custom the seconds intervals now, seems very good!!!
    The market is closed tonight but I will have better look tomorrow when the market is opened