Charts, Charts and more Charts

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Bootsie, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. Bootsie


    Can anyone out there kindly recommend a charting service with the following:

    - real time

    - has a fut's feed

    - can link several different windows / is linkable with a 3rd party order platform

    - is not eSignal

    - is not too expensive.


    Thanks very much
  2. Since you are requesting 3rd party integration, you have to decide on a 3rd party... it is the third party that will dictate which feeds/warez will be usuable.

    Here's 2 reference lists of QUOTE SOURCES...

    As for charts, I'd say QuoteTracker

    Not only are the charts very good, and integration with several brokerages (not futs only though), but the capability to use multiple quote sources might fill the void while you decide on what 3rd party(s) you will use. And the price for QT is right too!

    Good luck

  3. Bootsie


    Thank you for the advice. I'll check these out...