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  1. badger


    Does anybody have any experiences with this site?
  2. I used & used it to back 3 yrs ago...its great

  3. Babak


    basically this person´s boat was lifted by the rising tide and he mistook it for something he did!

    his returns were astronomical during the bubble-mania but since then he has reverted to the mean.

    nothing special in other words. You can find out yourself by getting a free trial to the website.
  4. Babak might want to add one more thing to that. He started a hedge fund not too long ago after his returns were published. One of the requirements was that investors would have to keep their money in the fund for a year. Well when investors had to withdraw they had a 50% loss .

    That's a VERY serious drawdown especially for a hedge fund.

    Robert Tharp
  5. Let's be careful we are sure which one we are talking about don't you think? The one that Babak and Rthrap are flaming is and the founder of that site indeed had an entire thread devoted to his seemingly unbelievable returns generated during the bubble and subsequent ralative poor performance. However there is a different completely separate site called that Chartwix referred to (I think anyway) and while I know nothing about it, it seems very unfair to confuse it with the site originally in question.
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    my interest was about , I want to thank everybody for info
  7. Thanks for pointing out the difference. was what I was referrring to. There is a huge closed thread on that topic here. What I originally posted was correct as well as Babak (notice the s) I have no problem with. DIdn't realize 2 different sites.

    Robert Tharp