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  1. does anybody here subscribe to this service? it is run by dan zanger, a very successful career trading since the 90's a i believe. i tried a free trial recently and i think it's pretty good, but i haven't seen other similar services. would just like some feedback from anyone that knows anything about the site, the newsletter, the chat or zanger himself. thanks in advance.
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    If you liked it why not trust your own opinions, you'll have to learn to do it if you want to succeed in this field. Why not start now?
  3. well its not cheap and the short trial wasn't enough to know if this is consistently good or if its worthless. if there are other similar services that people on here use and know is good, even if more expensive i would definitely be interested. just trying to make an educated decision, thought that would be a good discipline for traders.
  4. i think the service is worthless. all zanger does is give you stocks you should already know about. he's picking the highest momentum stocks that are on tv every day. don't get me wrong zanger might be the best retail trader ever but he has a gift few have. he is willing to chase the most explosive stocks with huge size. if you read all his articles he admits he's wrong most of the time and gets stopped out alot but when he's right he follows it up and goes massive. in one article they asked him why hasn't he taught others his methods and he said he tried but nobody has been successful at what he does.also another huge drawback of zangers letter is when the market is trending own to sideways like now he'll go weeks on end with no picks as he doesn't like to short. zangers the best in long grinding up markets but he doesn't trade in sideways to down markets.
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  6. thanks for the advice. i appreciate the insight into zanger, that's quite telling that nobody can follow him by his own admission. any other sites worth checking out?
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    I did not mean to come across as a smart ass in my post to you, and I hope I did not. I also dont want to seem grumpy, but my tits hurt and it makes men as grumpy as it does woman I think :) My point though is made after having spent a decade as a trader and about 6 years where I used to run a chatroom. The people who tend to make it are the ones that dont need someone else to validate their opinions and ideas. They take something and run with it. You never have perfect information in the market, but you still have to make a choice with what you have.
  8. True. I for one, dismiss anyone's credibility as soon as they say, "I'm _____", anything.

    That is, "I went long/short [something] at a decent time/price". One trade? BFD!

    What that says to me is:

    You don't get many right, so you're BURSTING WITH PRIDE to declare it to someone when you do. Or, that you're a rookie and your "claim of success" on this trade means zippo.

    I'm from the school of "if you're going to tell ANYTHING, tell EVERYTHING".... otherwise, keep quiet.

    ET is a CLASSIC example of the old saw, "Better to be keep quiet and be thought a fool than open your yap and remove all doubt".

    The ONLY thing that really matters is "performance over time.. and with significant money".
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    Two questions:

    charles, did you sign up with zanger?

    to go back to his original question: anyone know of any services similar to zangers but with more selections?

    zanger keeps showing same stocks drives me crazy, not great for daytraders.
  10. I love when shills start out with "I am not in any way associated with these people"
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