CHARTnese.. do you understand it?

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  1. CHARTnese, a language that most people don't understand.. There's no dictionary for this language... Maybe that's why people have a hard time understanding charts... Charts will speak a clear language once you understand who's behind the language. In order to understand charts you will have to think like THEM.. Who's them? The professionals... I will not get into that right now, but if you day trade you should have at least 3 charts up... I like the 60,15 min and 144 tick... The bigger time frame clears up a lot noise and make me understand the language much better... A lot of day traders think since you day trade you have to look at smaller time frames.. That's far from the truth... Overall I use the 15 min for signals... I use the 60 min to look at the bigger picture if I can't figure out what the 15 min is telling me.. I use the 144 tick for pull backs on certain days.. Once I started to trade from the 15 min my trading change tremendously... Maybe you should to take a look at these time frames and study them everyday.. Its not hard to understand CHARTnese but it takes time... Happy trading all..
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    Agreed, the 15 min is where it is at.

  3. That's 1 way to view trading. And I would disagree 100%. :D
  4. 15 minutes and its all over
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    Real men use 5 minute. :cool:

    Face it, unless you use 5 minute (anything lower is noise trading) daytrading can be boring.

    But agree, we all trade our personality and NEED FOR SPEED. :cool:

    PS: tell the now run a hedge fund and know a trader who did this or that and made millions, and you know a friend who knows...............there is a certain ET drill you need to follow about making claims. :D
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    We sissy's peek at the shorter time frames once in awhile. :D
  7. Lol run a hedge fund? Not even close buddy... I trade from home by myself and I would like to keep it like that.. I'm here just giving tips on how to understand charts better.. A lot of people are claiming they are having a hard trading these markets because of low volatility.. I trade the es and if you don't understand the charts you will most likely not make money... Its still opportunity out here but you just need to understand CHARTnese..
  8. If im looking for short time frames I use 1 min and 5 min. I rarely look at 15 min unless I want to see which way the trend is going and I plan to hold the position for an hour or more.