Chartists: is the S&P going to break out of this wedge? (chart)

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Is the S&P500 going to break out of this wedge to the upside?

  1. No, it just bounced off the trendline today. It's gonna go down

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  2. Yes, it's gonna break through that and go up!

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  3. i dunno lol

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  1. Have a look and tell me what you think

  2. No, it's never going to break out of the'll just keeping bouncing between the trendlines for infinity...???
  3. Lucrum


    I think we'll know in the fullness of time.
  4. Eempussible. Them lines meet. (Of course, there is a geometry where parallel lines meet, as I recall???)
  5. haaaaaahahashechky

  6. You could make a ton of money selling options then!
  7. toc


    looked at it causally only, seems S&P is headed to 1030 to 1000.


  8. right shoulder here says we go to 104 spy next
  9. want truth here its

    sp slowly goes to 1260 and the some,by the end of the year - 1444!

    spy goes to 126
  10. Also,right shoulder doesnt work this year.SP will go up along with gold.
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