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    Hello, im looking for some decent cheap charting software, where i can set up BBs, ema, histo, etc, any ideas? Thanks in advance!
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  3. Merc

    Merc is not cheap at all if you have to use 'My Track' for historical data and backfill.

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    $80/yr isn't what I'd call expensive.
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    I said "IF you have to use 'My Track' for historical data and backfill" (for swing trading purposes), you will pay around $50/month.

    Am I missing something here? Please explain if I am wrong.

  6. hype - you may want to elaborate. Do you need primarily intraday or Historical?

    Also, who do you use for a broker?

    You can use QuoteTracker for free. Works with many different datafeeds. If your brokers is on our list, the datafeed is free.
  7. Backfill is a key issue when checking.

    If intraday for those times you loose your connection, you will need to fill in lost data.....

    For historical is obvious to check out how many days backfill you will get.

    Michael B.
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    “i think qcharts is best overall value package. 79 per month for all they offer isn't that bad. i read they just put in a new server farm to help with delay problems.”

    I have used Qcharts for 2 years inspite of outages, and slow refresh rates when scrolling intra day charts. (yes I have DSL, & Gig of ram)
    Inspite of reasonable price it has cost dearly on several occasions.
    I have procrastinating the change for the sake of learning a new software, but the time has come.
    There daily charts are full of errors, they correct spikes on intra day charts, but not on daily and weekly.
    I need clean daily charts.
    I am going to change in Jan., 2004 to new data feed and Neo Tick

    Thinking about IQ Feed, any comments ???
  9. is:

    Check it out, EOD Charts with several sources of free data
    Realtime charts with several choices of providers.

    Backtesting capabilty
    Custom indicators capability

    Excellent Charts!

    And the price is right !
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