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  1. Am going to draw the market profile by hand, from now on.
    Anyone know where I can get a chart from yesterday with the time more detailed (preferably with 30 min timestamps). I use interactive brokers and their charting at the moment.
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    Unless you just want to do it by hand, here's MP charts w/ IB data. Received this the recently:
    Atrader is now free. And has full integration with IB data feed. Please download it and try.


    Atrader Support.

    Good luck -------- Russell
  3. thanks, for the info
    how can you set up the mp on that atrader chart?
    i must be dim, but i can't see it
  4. also does anyone know if amp or velocity offer MP charting?
    Preferably with x trader.
    btw, i'll check out their websites now
  5. seems like you there is some sort of histogram on the x study demo
    is this mp?
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    Sorry Chuck, I don't check in that often so I didn't see your question.
    Try PMing jimbo320 --- I believe he is the author of the program.
    If you aren't tied to IB data, Sierra Chart is another alternative. Personal opinion, Investor R/T is the one for MP that I like the best. I believe IB data is an option w/ RT.

    Take care -------- Russell
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    The charts are shareware, if you are using it just register it after the initial 31 days. $49.

    That initial offer ie free has since expired.

    The distributions/histograms however arent free, they are $99 for 12 months (rolling).

    I think if you check this with other providers, you are paying for one year what for other programs you would pay in a month. Ive added this becuase most people who are using this probably have another charts package, but want to trial the alphbetic profiling and learn the tehniques over a longer period.

    This of course works with IB and is fully integrated with historical and download data.

    To create a histogram first create a base chart using New Chart/Add Study/ ES 15min (typically). Next Add Study/Distribution. Select your params and away you go. So effectively you have two charts overlaid. BTW this isnt enabled in the demo.

    The program is written by me and is purely based on what i use to trade. Consequently there are limited indicators (becuase i dont need them).

    New features are a quoteboard and overnight distributions.

    Hope this helps.


  8. Hi everyone,
    just started messing about with x trader and x study.
    does anyone else use the price distribution charts with x study?
    if so, in what do they differ with traditional market profile charts?
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    Atrader is now 9.95 a month.

    For this you also get Chart-Trader (one click trading of charts), Gann Trader, Murray Trader and Floor Trader.

    Coming soon is StrategyTrader with position scaling/ monitoring and entry exit features directly off charts.

    Works with IB data and trading, or DTN data only.

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    Guys check out for real MP indicators. Value priced for the year.
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