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  1. I currently use X_Trader for order entry which I like. I am not crazy about X_study and would like to find some software to solely be used for charting. I need live data of futures markets and would also like to be able to see the dollar index as well as some other indicators. A live news feed would be nice but that might get pricey.

    I have used CQG and Reuters in the past. Although they are both good I don't want to spend that much at the moment.

    Any suggestions?
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    you should put how much your willing to spend because to get a good real time charting package is a bit expensive, the cheap stuff lags or goes down all the time for some pretty good charting i guess you could use eSignal there about $125/mo + exchange fees that's the Stocks and Futures package you said you have gone with Reuters do you mean like Metastock Pro? if not MetaStock Pro & QuoteCenter Subscription is $235/mo but they also have streaming news included. another one you could look at is there charting is java base and its pretty good you can pick what data you want as well for what you want prorealtime will run about $182/mo.
  3. what don't you like about xstudy? it's free, fast, and shows true spreads (bid-bid / ask-ask, not last to last). i'm an old coot from the floor and don't understand what y'all need from a chart other that.
  4. Thanks for the replies

    Maybe you are right about x_study. It's growing on me, still not nearly as good as CQG but for free it's not bad.

    I am in the process of setting up a new account. Can I chart exchanges which I am not trading if I do not have X_trader pro? This is a reason I was looking for separate charting software. For example if I only have access to trade the CME can I at least look at the charts from the CBOT?
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    why not both chart and trade from CQG? You will get the best charting package in the industry, reliable and fast trading platform and even with the trading package it will still be cheaper than TT. CQG also offers the true spread charting (Bid/Ask) in addition to last/last.
    And, of course, you will have access to all exchanges and markets CQG is connected to, not only exchanges you can trade.