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  1. Does anyone know a good free charting website? I need to be able to plot intraday charts (1 min) with multiple moving averages overlaying them (and be able to select their properties)
    Any help will be appreciated. aint bad, but you can only do one moving avg per chart.

  2. Awesome, thanks a lot.
  3. digital


  4. BSAM


    $20 per month. Pretty awesome for 20 bucks a month. Surprised there's not more discussion about them here. (Nope, don't work for them.) Can never understand all the hoopla about QuoteTracker when something like Prophet is available.

  5. thnx

  6. You can use more than 1 MA on Big Charts - I use it for end of day stuff sometimes.

    Just put in the settings box for the MA (i.e.) 20, 50, 100 etc. then redraw the chart. You can then save it as your default chart settings.

  7. I can understand that hoopla: QT is free even intraday if you are connected to IB or Datek or some other brokerage that QT supports. One problem with QT though is backfilling and keeping intraday historical data. This cannot be done with QT, but for many that is not a major problem.

    BTW, what is this $20 for? For stocks only? Do they also provide intraday futures quotes? What are their prices for e-mini's?
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    That's correct,
    $20 is for stocks only; for futures they have
    "Gold Membership"
    Advanced Traders unleash the power of interactive futures charting with sophisticated analysis tools such as spreads and ratios. Real-time equities and options data are included with the Gold membership, and individuals may add real-time futures data from a broad selection of exchanges "
    and it's for $35/mnth or $350/yr
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