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    I am looking for the best price/performance charting program to hook into my IB datafeed.

    Up until this point, I've been using QuoteTracker, but I keep getting corrupt charts in certain scenarios. More specifically, sometimes when I open the program, all of the charts will have the latest candle either abnormally high or low. Other times, I will backfill an intraday chart and it will show no candlesticks, but the volume bars (all neutral yellow). Deleting the chart data fixes it, but only for the current and future candles. As soon as I backfill again, it blows up.

    If it weren't for these bugs, QT would be pretty much all I need. But lately, I haven't even opened it, in favor of Trader Workstation's charting. And we all know how terrible those are, but it is obviously imperative that the charts and their data are accurate.

    I've tried ninja trader, and it seems promising. It just seems very cumbersome to enter stocks onto the watch list.

    Are there any others out there that are in the free/cheap range that might exceed the programs I've already tried?

  2. A quick review of these boards would probably convince you that you could be using a $2000 piece of software with IB data and still get untradeable charts. There's a major concensus here on ET that anyone who is even considering intraday trading through IB needs to find an alternate data source.

    Your question has been asked here hundreds of times and every time, the answer comes back the same. Realize that you're competing with the best on the planet and pay up a small amount of money to get a semi-reliable data feed. You're trying to take money out of the markets but you aren't willing to pay a small amount for data that will allow you to trade with confidence? If you can't afford $75/month for a data feed, you shouldn't be trading. You may be having problems with Quotetracker but it's a program that has been used by many here and it's as reliable as any other 'free or cheap range' software you're going to find. Don't waste your time looking for something better in the 'free or cheap' range'.

    The problems you're having probably originate with IB data and not QuoteTracker.

    To answer your question directly, I use Amibroker for charting, but only because I've done my systems work in that program and I'm not enough of a programmer to port the work over to another platform. The cost is negligible. I can feed it with my IB data, and it works all right when IB data is working, but I don't put my trust in IB data - I pay for an alternate data source.
  3. In order of cost:

    Sierra Chart
  4. there is no viable solution for reasonable cost, as a result I dumped IB and moved over to TradeStation.

    I am very pleased.
  5. Damn he's good.

    That's a nice piece of free information there without going through too much frustration, losses (opportunity or real) or money.

    I use QT with DTN and a seperate feed to QuoteIn software. It's not institutional level, but it's more than enough for most of the needs of any retail trader.

    Good trading,

  6. Hey JJ...

    Can you explain a little more about the part above where you
    mention "and a separate feed to Quotein Software?

    What is Quotein software? Never heard of it before...:confused:


  7. 1. There is no major concensus at ET about anything (even if we could spell it).

    2. If you can't trade with IB data I'm willing to bet you can't trade at all.

    3. This "trading against the best" thing is more crap. You don't have to take money from the best ... you just have to be faster than they are to take money from the worst.

    and finally,

    4. Sierra Chart with IB doesnt have the same data issues because it uses a better data storage model. Sierra Chart rockssssss :):):)
  8. Hope I catch you before you respond. I googled it and found it
    on the IQFeed site... Thanks for mentioning it anyway...:)
  9. No prob.

    It an add-on excel application which allows easy data streaming for non-programmers in an excel spreadsheet where they can create customized formulas (something that excel, well, excels at :D ) to analyze any type of data that they want to., at $7.00 a month, you can't beat it ...

    Good trading,

  10. Yeah, I almost fell over when I saw it was only $7.00 a month.

    Quite a deal. Thanks for responding...
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