charting that will let me define grid intervals in futures?

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    Right now i have esig and it lets me drag the Y axis scale to any size i want. take ES for example, i want 2.5 or 5 points between horizontal grid lines, what other charting packages let me do this? specifically ones that link in with IB? i tried AMIBROKER and Quotetracker, no goes on those.
  2. SierraChart, with a subscription level that includes "Special Features", has Interactive Scale Range which allows dragging of the Y-axis. Setting a specific interval is not available, afaik.

    Ensign also allows Y-axis dragging, in addition to a user-defined interval setting, per chart.

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    any free packages?
  4. This is incorrect, you can adjust the vertical scale in QT.

    Slow down, test your kit.
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    i can adjust it by decreasing the window size, but if i expand it, it does intervals of like 1 point or less and that is too many grid lines... how do i set it in.
  6. right click on the prices on the right of your chart, there are 3 ways to set the vertical scale.

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    yeah it has dynamic or also custom you can set the highest and lowest value, but it wont let me define the increments in between those high and low values or am i missing something?
  8. Probably best for you to choose Sliding Window and choose the right number for your window size to give you your 2 point grid.
  9. I've custom scales created with horizontal trendlines rather than
    re-scaling the axis on 6 timeframes of one forex pair
    it didn't take long to apply the lines and the longer times only
    have the lines at present covering the current Price range
    prefer this method since there's no problems using other tools on
    the chart or when re-sizing
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    screen shot of this?
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