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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by cclee, Jul 10, 2002.

  1. cclee


    I'm still looking for a solution to chart intraday NQ data.

    So far I've tried:

    1) QuoteTracker: IQFeed has Futures, but QT doesn't support backfill, it's useless.

    2) LiveCharts: Nice looking charts, but drawing lines is a pain. Also, is there an easy way to determine OHLC prices of each bar?

    3) XCharts at Can't get used to the Java charts they provide. Just doesn't feel "right".

    I've considered ESignal, but it's a little bit pricey for me still as I'm just starting to look at futures. I use QuoteTracker for stocks charting.

    I welcome your suggestions!
  2. lundy


    Heres a clumsy but workable solution.

    export intraday live bar data from and import it into your favorite charting package. Amibroker is pretty good for this, I'm sure there are others too.

    You can get a macro program at that will perform this tedious task every minute, or every 5 minutes depending on your needs.

    You get what you pay for.

    Lastly, if you use interactivebrokers, you can program it yourself via excel.
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  4. lundy


    not for free

    Qcharts is worth every penny.
    Track n Trade by Gecko Software is worth it too.
  5. cclee


    Thanks for all the replies.
    Let me clarify:

    I already have software for historical data studies on all time frames. I do all my backtesting and datamining in Wealth-Lab, Excel, and other software.

    I'm looking for a package that I can make live, intraday trading decisions to. Something that updates either tick by tick, or less preferably, every few seconds (like QCharts?). I don't need massive amounts of indicators, but I'd like to be able to draw on the charts easy. (drawing was a major pain on LiveCharts).

    I really liked QuoteTracker, by the way, and wish that I can find the equivalent for trading futures.

    I'll look into QCharts + Sierra Charts.

    Any more ideas?
  6. jmk



    You could check .
    Not really expensive, nice charting applet IMHO.

  7. ddefina


    Qcharts is tick by tick, not every few seconds. It meets 95% of people's needs, and has some of the best looking charts. You can also import directly into WL historical daily and intraday data and live feed now I believe (haven't tried).
  8. cclee


    Thanks for your thoughts.
    Does QCharts Basic (the $79.95 a month version) come with live streaming NQ data, or is that an add-on?

    I was hoping to spend about half of that price, but if I may have no choice. :)

    Best wishes.
  9. ddefina


    You have to add the exchange fees of $10 to cover all the globex mini's, and I believe $60 for the large contracts. That will probably be the case with all vendors though.
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