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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by uptrend501, Apr 24, 2007.

  1. Has anyone subscribe to Telechart TC2007 with any sucesss. Looking to any answers before I commit to the Platinmu software.
    Look forawrd to replys
  2. agpilot


    I started using TC2000 back about 1990 so I'll say that sucess is within you and not in the software.. With that said, I'd say that TC2000 is as good a place to start as any and better then most because of the input all users can share with each other. This sharing will help for a while untill you can start developing your own methods. Keep it simple. Their EOD package is less money and plenty to start on.
    Check out Trader Mike blog. He uses TC2000. When your at his level you'll be making money. agpilot
  3. hughb


    I have used it since 1996. I use the EOD program, not real time. It suits me fine, it's done everythign I've asked it to do except for one little inidcator I was working on a few years ago. But since you are able to convert the data to text and export it, I was able to write a program for my own little indicator.

    It's a little buggy, but I get along with it.
  4. Subscribing to the program is a piece of cake. Your term of "success" however, leaves one wondering what you mean.

    No software will make you successful. Many people actually use 2-3 programs because very few can do all that they're looking for.

    It's a good idea to try programs on a trial basis or month to month this way you get an idea of what suits you.