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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by inquisitive, Jun 26, 2009.

  1. Does anyone know of any software that will allow me to keep track of 100 stocks I am following and display all the charts from these stocks on one page?

    I'd like to cut and paste 100 ticker symbols from Excel and then have the program display the 100 charts with the criteria I have specified (eg, 1 year of data, monthly price and volume, moving averages, etc). Preferably all on one page so I would not have to scroll through 100 pages.

    Does anyone know software that can do this? Would save a lot of time over entering 100 symbols one-by-one into Thanks!
  2. TickZOOM can allow that easily. You can configure what you see on each chart, like 1 year, monthly bars, indicators, etc.

    TickZOOM charts can be configured entirely through XML files (to avoid manually work) or programmatically with C# code.

    However, what you request will require some minor code adjustments to lay out the page the way you like with all the charts.

    You sound like you might be a sophisticated trader who needs customizable software and customization services.

    TickZOOM does 98% of what you need and can be customized (yourself since it's mostly open source or pay us to do it) to give you everything you need. Check out the comparison chart at:

    You probably won't find any features like that among the retail, non-customizable type trading platforms simply because they focus on retail traders who ordinarily never trade more than 4 or 5 symbols simultaneously.