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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by NJ1000, May 7, 2008.

  1. NJ1000


    I am currently a day trasder and use the anvil platform my question is what do u guys use for your charting software E signal or is there something better/ cheaper?
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    you can try iv used it and its great and easy to use, i hear alot of other people say its great for the price of free. you will need a data vendor tho some brokers can use quotetracker even trade straight from it.
  3. NJ1000


    well i trade with assent and the anvil platform I dont think that can connect to quotetracker, I am happy with the anvil trading platform I just need a better charting platform, are there are that doesnt require a datafeed from my broker?
  4. Hi NJ1000,

    You might also want to try QuoteTrader to see if it complements your personal trading style.
    QuoteTrader is free, and supports a dozen brokers and trading service providers, like Trading Technologies, patsystems, Hotspot and Currenex.
    To use QuoteTrader's chart trading feature free, you'll need an account with one of the brokers whose API provides backfill, like TD AMERITRADE, Interactive Brokers or OANDA.
    For more information, visit QuoteTrader's website, contact, or view several videos illustrating QuoteTraders chart trading and DOM (below)

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    Brent Threadgill
    QuoteTrader Product Management
  5. NJ1000


    Is there any charting software that doesnt require a data feed though? If i use quote tracker with stockwatch will I be able to get future indices too? bc i dont see an option for that on exchange fees
  6. NJ1000


    anyone have any other suggestions on this?
  7. gttrader


    There are lots of charting platforms but they generally require a datafeed from somewhere.
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  9. I heard that Swift traders use Quotetracker for their charts, and that they get their data from Ameritrade and each trader only pays $20 a year. Anyone know about this in terms of how to get the data from Ameritrade for $20 a year without having an account with them?
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