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  1. Im familar with a few stock charting subscription services out there.....I work a physical NG trading Co that works strictly off the fundamentals.... I want to start charting the nymex with my OWN data.... Can anyone make a recomendation on a premium charting service or software package that allows import of data? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

  2. any ideaS?... My main criteria is i will be using candle stick charting and need to import my own price data
  3. Gonna have to bump this again.... Im eager to look into some software.... any suggestions
  4. What is your source of data?
  5. Import of Data in Real Time data... to chart in real time or Import of Data to chart EOD...

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    With Amibroker you can use your own data . You can load them manually or automatically via some API. Check Amibroker site for more details....
  7. I belive i called amibroker and they said i cant import my own data.... basically i have access to MIMICLIM which gives me a lot for the nymex gas and CL daily info.... that info uploads into a excell spread sheet.. and i in turn want to take that spreadsheet and have a program graph candlesticks and use other indicators...., anyother suggestions... thanks for the feedback
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    My understanding is that you can save your Excel spreadsheet in comma-separated value (*.csv) format and then upload directly into Amibroker, which DOES accept the CSV format.

    This would be true not only of Amibroker, but of many other well-known Charting Programs, as well. Now, you need to choose your software based upon the type of analysis you wish to do.


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  9. Sierra Chart will do what you want. Export as CSV and import into SC.
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