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    I'm looking for some chart software were I can look at charts created with yahoo quotes. The reason for this is I live in Europe and want to follow lot's of stocks worldwide. I don't mind the delay as I'm using this for swingtrading over several weeks or longer. At the moment I'm using quotetracker for this (with bigcharts as input) but this really isn't the best solution as I have to click the stock and CTRL+H everytime I want to see another chart. No really an easy solution if you want to follow over 200 stocks everyday. So looking for some alternative. I don't need a lot of technical indicators, just candlestick charts and some exponential moving averages.
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    sierrachart + opentick as data source. One buck for OT and you can chart all NY exchange stocks.
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    yes, but I also want to follow Belgian, French, Dutch, German and Italian stocks, that's why I'm talking about yahoo quotes ...
  4. Your cheapest and easiest solution would probably be Amibroker. AB can download data directly from Yahoo.

    If you want to use another charting package it will most probably require metastock data format conversion from Yahoo data which is easily done by using a data downloader software like:
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