Charting software with volume based candlesticks

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by maxinger, Dec 5, 2019.

  1. maxinger


    Which Charting software allows you to display candlesticks based on volume (eg 50 contracts, 1000 contracts ....) and
    not just time (eg 5 mins, 15 mins, 1 hour ... )?

    Esignal allows that and I'd like to explore alternatives.
  2. 2FT


    Sierra. I am not a fanboy, but it can do pretty much anything you want. In fact, I think the only limitation to SC is the user themselves.
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  3. Real Money

    Real Money

    Hey max, ThinkorSwim can do this. You just use a tick chart and then set it to candles. Easy.
  4. 2FT


    Ticks not equal to volume. C'mon

    PS :)
  5. MotiveWave

    MotiveWave Sponsor

    MotiveWave has volume-based bars.
  6. .sigma


    I think also allows this. check it ou t
  7. maxinger


    sorry my request was not clear.

    I am looking for charting software which can show candlesticks by volume,
    Perfectly with paid exchange data feeds from various exchanges from US, Asia Pacific & Europe regions for day trading derivative products.

    I have tried tapping data feed from brokerage firm and display it on another charting software for the past few decades.
    It is ok if you do swing trading but not OK for day trading due to poor quality data feed.

    Esignal suits me well. I am looking for alternative.
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  8. ZBZB


    Google candlevolume software.
  9. 2FT


    I thought your original request was clear, but now I am confused.

    - Sierra Chart will draw a new candle every n contracts traded.

    - It will draw a time candle (eg, 5 mins) and make it a different thickness depending on how much volume traded in that 5 minutes.

    - Or a new candle every n ticks

    - It will draw a new candle when the cumulative delta changes by n.

    It will do anything you want.

    They have their own data solutions, or you can plug in IBKR, CQG, other vendors.

    As an aside, if you are not in the US and want to trade fast day trading strategies, then most data solutions for non-US exchanges are suboptimal if you are using a US based platform and a US based broker. They are set up with the assumption that the trader is sitting in the US.
  10. maxinger


    right. Sierra will draw volume based candles.
    I tried feeding datafeed from IB .... before and it didn't work out well due to lagging problem.
    Does it work out well for you for day trading?

    I am ok to pay more for exchange data feeds for the charting software.
    Sierra offers rather limited exchanges like CME, ICE, HKFE, Eurex.
    There are quite a few big exchanges like China & Korea exchanges which Sierra is not offering.
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