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  1. Is there any charting software available which provide/show market profile?

    Comment on your choice, if possible.

    List as many as possible so I can pick my best choice.

    Thank you. :)
  2. Thanks.
    I will look into them later as I will leave soon.

    My data provider is IB. :)

    PS: A brief review. WoW! Looks very great. But how much? One-time or monthly?
    However could I attach the market profile / order book to the charts?

  3. They have an option with "IB" feed, but remember IB feed is "snapshot" data and is not prefered for using any of the "volume profile" charts.

    I am only paying $59 a month for R/T (with the Market Profile option included) is their pricing page..........

    The last question you have I am not clear on what you mean....explain a bit more....thanks.
  4. Also Sierra Chart now has good Market and Volume Profile studies for use with IB and other data feeds. Bolter, who "lead" the Market Profile thread here uses SC TPOs and Volume Profiles.
  5. So what do people who feed these charts with IB "snapshot" data do to fill in the full data? I am curious how this gets solved when only using IB data?
  6. Hmm... Yes, you are right. IB uses snapshots, so the market profile is not accurate. But I'm not sure how serious it will be affected.

    What I am saying is, whether I can incorpate the whole analysis into a chart. For example, it displays the market profile in a chart, and putting the order book beside the chart.

    So I can watch the dynamic movements of chart pattern, the bidding/asking activity (order book), and the market profile as one big picture.

    See attachment for the image
    (Note: It doesn't need to be exactly the same. It's just an example.)
  7. Another question:

    Do you know which charting software support different types of bars/candlesticks:
    - volume bars
    - tick bars
    - custom time-based bars
    - range bars

    Thank you. :)
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    sierrachart does but I am sure other high price chart should be able to do it.

  9. Inv R/T does all of the above.
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