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  1. I have scribbled something together to view the indicators I wrote, but it's very incomplete. I'd rather spend time studying charts and trying to develop the trading strategy itself. So I'm trying to find something that will let me import in all the data from all my indicators and view it together in a chart that I can scroll and zoom.

    Perhaps a use case would illustrate this:
    1. Start up magic program.
    2. Import my data from a file. Right now I save as CSV but I could conform to another format if the specification is accessible.
    2a. Import stock data with high, low, close, open, and volume and have it be able to figure out that all means pricing data for a stock.
    2b. Import indicators into different views. Say I have some moving averages I want to superimpose, then maybe a histogram and another line I want to put on another chart underneath.
    3. Be able to zoom in and scroll around to look at how well things are lining up.

    Right now I tend to open these up in spreadsheet tools. OpenOffice and gnumeric give me some minimum support, but it's particularly frustrating lining up indicators to price data to see exactly how the indicators are timing with changes in price. Excel doesn't directly have anything to do this, but I've seen some folks rolling together some spiffy stuff with form controls to get scrolling. My problem with that is that it involves cobbling a bunch of stuff together every time, and would be prone to breaking if I wanted to feed it something else--say, a different indicator with a different way of wanting to chart it.

    It looks like the norm for stock charting software is to control the front end such that I couldn't import in my stuff. I also have so many indicators to use that I don't want to port them to a different system in potentially another language.
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