Charting software with "freehand" draw?

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    Hi I'm looking for a charting software with a tool that lets me draw lines, figures and whatnot with a "freehand" paint brush of some sort, just like in the MS Paint. Also want to be able to write text and of course straight lines.

    Is there any free software that lets me do this?
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    I know I could print out the charts and draw on the printed paper, but I want to do it on screen, because I intend going through a high amount of charts so i don't think I want to print that many pages.
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    Isn't there any charting software that lets me to this? I don't want to buy a new computer, and I don't see how a tablet pc would help me if the function is not included in the charting app.

    I don't mean freehand per se, but a tool that lets me draw on the charts in the software with my mouse, just like I can draw trendlines, but i don't want to draw straight lines, but lines like the ones you draw with the pencil tool in MS Paint.

    Now I either have to save a picture of my chart and either print it out, or open it in Paint to draw on it on my computer. I would like this function in my charting application.

    A pencil tool. :cool:
  4. Seems like your looking for a third party software that has the ability to draw directly on your charts in your charting program.

    In other words, your charting program has limited drawing tools.

    Might help to know what charting program your using and then ask around because there may be someone out there that has custom designed a drawing tool that replaces the drawing tool in your charting program.

    Regardless, your obviously looking for some advance drawing program that draws directly in another program as if it was that program own drawing tool without having to upload or send a chart image to the drawing program.

    Sounds very expensive in comparison to using something like Snagit.

    However, with still need to do an image capture first prior to editing that image and you can't use Snagit to draw inside your charting program as if they were one program.

    Another option, although not useful right now, contact the tech department and send an email about an upgrade feature you think would be very useful to see in your charting program especially if its a charting program your unwilling to change to a different charting program that does what you need the most.

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    I was just wondering if somebody knew of a charting software with that function already. But I guess something like snagit and MS Paint will do.
  6. I use Microsoft Works or Excel spreadsheets to graph data. Then I take a snapshot of the screen and paste it into paint to draw trend lines and add text.
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    Well, I just thought it would be a nice feature to be able to freehand jot down some lines and things, and be able to scroll forward in the chart to see how my trades would have turned out.

    I'm going through my charts and draw trendlines and patterns of all sorts, but I find the line tools in my charting software so time consuming to use.

    It would be much faster to just click and hold down my mouse button and every move I make with my mouse would result in color on my charts until i release my mouse button.

    (Sorry, It's so hard to explain when I'm not native english speaking.) :D
  8. Such charting apps are out there. For example, take a look at Wave59, which does offer true free-hand drawing tools, among others:

    Not an endorsement -- I have not used it personally. I use Alt-PrtScr key, SnagIt and Paint extensively every day and find them adequate for my needs.
  9. Not exactly what you are looking for but check it out

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