Charting software with e-signal

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by michal, Nov 5, 2001.

  1. michal


    I' ve just ordered MS PRO 7.2 for E-signal.

    I also wonder if Trade station is working well with esignal??
    Anybody here using Trade station with esignal??

    Please comment on these two softwares taking into account that I use e-signal as a data vendor and I am e-mini futures short term trader

    As I've read some posts I've noticed that there are some problems with acquiring TS2000i because you have to open an account with them or something, that's one of the reasons I bought MS PRO 7.2.

    I also do not understand the critism about MS pro??!! I thought it's one of the best software avaible. Perhaps I am wrong ??

    Ok guys, many regards and thanks for your commnets.:D