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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Swish, Oct 2, 2002.

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    I've been disappointed by the quality of charts printed out from the two main software packages I'm using: TC2000 and Cybertrader. As such, i was thinking about using Qcharts (for this and other reasons). I need to be able to print out daily and intraday charts.

    Does Qcharts do a good job of printing out charts?? Any other suggestions. Thanks,

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    No comments!!?? Please let me glean from your vast experience.....
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    Try our product NeoTicker. The
    printing is quite nice.

    The EOD version works with TC2000.
    The real time version works with QCharts.

    Alternatively, if you can export your
    data into some CSV format, you
    can always use Excel to print.
  4. I use QCharts and have printed out some charts on occasion. I think the quality is very good. Remember to change the chart background to white and the charts to black before printing or will waste a lot of ink!

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    Does the one button print feature in Snagit print the whole screen for a given program or can you set it up to print different open windows within a trading platform like Cybertrader?

    If it does print the whole screen only and you have multiple monitors and the application you have open is maximized across both screens, then I assume that it will print what's across both screens?


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    Then you are talking about screen print, which
    probably does not address the original poster's

    It's difficult to convey the difference between
    high quality printing and screen printing in
    words. The attached file is in PDF format
    "printed" by NeoTicker with Distiller. Print
    the attached file out and compared it to
    screen print. You can expect similiar printing
    result directly from NeoTicker to a printer.
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    Sorry forgot to attach the file
  9. Geez, Louis - you're selling your program now on that it can print a chart??

    To original poster - you can export a JPEG of any chart in QCharts. You can then print them or combine them on a page and print the page. For example, if you have 6 charts you want to print on a single page for reference, you could export them to .JPGs and then use a tiny HTML file that references the local JPGs and formats them properly on a page. Then pointing you browser to that HTML would display your nicely formated charts and you could print from the browser. Alternatively you can print the JPGs or put them in documents.

    If all you want is to do quick prints of a chart straight to the printer one at a time, then snag-it or Hypersnap are good choices.
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