charting software for Open ECry data feed?

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    I'm thinking of switching to Open Ecry, but I've read in the forums that the data on their charts "lags" noticably behind their DOM feed. Does anyone know if this has been fixed yet or not?

    Does anyone know of other good charting software that is compatible with their free data feed? (I've gotten used to the programable indicators available with TS. But I am just sick of TS 8.2 freezing up on me all the time, so I'm switching. Preferably, I'd like to use charting software that has almost as many display options as TS 8.2. Also, one that lets me program my "alerts" when certain price-bar patterns appear, & audible alerts when indicators (stochastics, RSI, DMI, etc.) begin to cross in actual real time like TS does.)
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  3. OpenECry has a special offer for Neoticker, OEC customers pay $1000 instead of 1400 (if i remember correctly) for this software. I use neoticker my self (not with oec tho), and its a real good charting application (it does many more things than just charting too). The only caveat with nt is that it sucks for manual order-entry, but you can use the OEC dom for that. If you want to code your own indicators/systems, it will be more flexible than TS, but harder to learn the ropes. I personally use it only for charing, and i couldnt live without it anymore.
  4. I am trying out OEC now with Multicharts.
    I have been using Esignal for quite a while and decided to try out the feed from oec and a charting platform.
    I have run oec with multicharts side by side with esignal for a week and did not see a difference. I like the MC platform, you can use your easy language with it, and so far runs well.
    Only on my second week so I can't give any more feedback than this for now.
    Here is a post of a recent chart I had with MC and oec.
  5. OEC's charts are just fine. If you need something they don't provide, there are a few charting co's you can use. I've used MultiCharts in the past and it's been pretty good but now that OEC has everything I need, I just use OEC's charts.

  6. I have been test driving the OEC platform for a month. And running a ES T&S tape from my REDI+ platform side by side OEC`s charts and DOM I have not noticed any lag at far anyway.
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