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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Raul641, Oct 6, 2006.

  1. Raul641


    What's the best charting package available for Macintosh right now?

    I've read the old threads, I realize the standard answer is "use Windows". I'm still looking for something for Mac.

    I'm on Investor/RT right now, but the Byzantine user interface is putting me off. It's certainly a powerful and full-featured program, but I spend more time wrestling with the UI than actually charting.

    Anyone out there charting on a Mac? What are you using?
  2. ozzie123


    Why don't you use Metastock with parallel (that's a Windows virtualization software for mac)
  4. Banjo


  5. Raul641


    I've been considering Parallels to just run Windows software. I'd like to use a native Mac app if possible. Failing that, I'll use Parallels or CrossOver...

    Banjo, as I said, I'm using Linnsoft Investor/RT now, but the user interface is awful. I spend more time trying to figure out the bizarre nonstandard UI than actually charting.
  6. jhaughey


    if you have one of the new intel macs, try this instead:

    I found the whole 'Virtual PC' thing to be very CPU intensive (not sure if this is the same as parallels).
  7. Raul641


    I do have an Intel Mac, and I'd rather avoid running XP on it, or using some kind of emulator to run Windows software. They eat up tons of CPU.

    Are there any decent native Mac charting packages out there, other than Linnsoft Investor/RT?
  8. No.

    Get a PC or get one of the grunty dual processor macs and run windows emulation.
  9. Banjo


    Raul, my bad, didn't read down that far, too early in am. Agree about IRT. Had this stashed away in favorites......
    A bud used it years ago.
  10. Raul641


    Banjo, thanks for the link, I will check it out.

    Kiwi - I have several PCs, now I've got a Mac and I'm never looking back. :) An emulator is my option of last resort.
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