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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by DT1, Apr 18, 2009.

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    Hi all,

    I am looking for a charting software that could show IB positions and market scans. There seems to be no charting software allowing to scan the entire market so I am looking for a software that could work with trade-idea. I tested :

    It looks fine but the problem is I need LT and intraday charts and that is not possible in a single AB session+no link to trade-idea

    QT does no allow to define custom indicators+when clicking on IB position I don't get a chart to be displayed automatically

    no link with trade-idea+I would have to pay to get IB posiions displayed in NT and I am not sure I can link them to charts.

    Any idea on what software I could use for my needs?

  2. Try Sierra Chart ... it has a lot of functionality in this area and they are developing actively at present so if you needed changes they might well make them.
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    Is it possible to link SierraCHarts to Trade-ideas?
    WHat does the account functionality looks like? Can I see the daily and unrealized P&L for each trade? Can I link the account tool to charts?
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    Tangent: IB were idiots not to have scooped up QT.
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    QT integrated with IB would have been a great deal for sure. Trouble is QT does not allow to customize indicators. I need one indicator to calculate position sizing quickly.

    At the moment I use TradeStation. It is great. Only problem is it is not integrated with IB. But I will probably keep using it until I find a better software.