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    I am looking for Windows 7 compatible software that can produce charts and "standard" studies such as stochastics and MACD from ASCII data files.

    Any suggestions will be appreciated.
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    Thank you.
  3. Also Sierra Chart will convert ASCII to its native compressed format.
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    I've used Metastock for years, easy conversion from ASCII as well and I personally like the software features.
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  6. Thanks for the info. I use a program called Price Action Lab to search for patterns and also calculate an indicator, mostly for position trading. This progrmam can generate code for NinjaTrader (just the conditions). PAL can read your daily format and work with it directly but it can't read your intraday format because there is no delimiter after the date. Same situation with other programs.

    When I tried to export intraday day from NT in the past, I read from the PAL website (here: that NT doesn't place a delimiter after the date in intraday data. I don't think this is standard practice. Any reason for that? Maybe you want to think of including a delimiter that will make it easier for people to use exported data.
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    The 1st field is a DateTime field and thus the delimiter is placed after the time component of this field.