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    What is the cheapest online, realtime charting service I can get. I trade only treasury futures right now and need to get real time with basic studies on them. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou.
  2. QuoteTracker would fit the bill:

    yoiu can use the software itself either free, or $5 per month (if registered annually). You need a datafeed for it as well. If using your broker for the datafeed, there is no extra cost. If not, you can get a subscription from one of the supported datafeed vendors such as IQFeed. the price will vary depending on what specific exchanges you select, but would most likely be $40+exchange fees for real-time futures.
  3. I just opened an account w/ interactive brokers, so I can have their realtime data feed, which I use to power Ensign charts ($40/month). IB will charge $10/month if $30 in commissions are not generated, so it seems like max cost for Ensign is $50/month, which is great because Ensign charts have pretty much everything that esignal or cqg has, I have no experience with quotetracker, but people seem to like it from what I have read on these boards. By the way, I also exclusively day trade 10yr futures, and use ensign to look at this market...

  4. you can sierrachart with ib and that is almost free. I think it is $10 a month
  5. is java and has the best watchlists of the cheapo services. Ticker plant is suspect, but works ok for a backup. Plus, it will work on any machine.
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    Thanks everyone, anymore?
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  8. Yeah, very solid and cheap.
  9. Also consider, although it appears some data feeds are only available to Canadians or Americans, strange. They are pretty darn cheap. I would like to know if IB gets tier 1 data.
  10. What's the difference between these and...let's say...the live charts offered by services like Ameritrade?
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