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  1. ikeaboy


    Hey folks,

    I am looking for a charting platform/data feed which offers "very good" tick charts for the forex market.

    Since forex is not centralized do you know where i can get reliable forex tick charts?

    Thank you very much for your help, it is really difficult to figure out what software and datafeed to use...

  2. eSignal Support

    eSignal Support eSignal

    eSignal provides two types of Forex data.

    First off, we provide an aggregate/composite feed representing quotes from upwards of 200 contributors (brokers, banks, etc) across over 100 currency pairs. We also provide this data across a depth screen so you can compare quotes from different sources.

    The other option is what we refer to as a single-contributor Forex feed where you are getting quotes from just a single broker for just those currency pairs that broker covers.

    Much more depth and breadth in first choice but prices tend to be more consistently "actionable" with single-contributor feed.

    Here's more info on our OnDemand Forex service which starts at $44.95/mo.

    For additional information, feel free to contact one of our Sales groups.

  3. fx ticks are only the price changes reported by that particular broker and not the
    number of trades per tick bar

    the only tick data available is the CMEGlobex currency futures data
    both the prices and volume of trading will be different to individual fx brokers resulting
    in slightly different price bar formations on sub-minute charts

    NinjaTrader is one charting/order entry program that offers tick charts, demos are
    available from many futures brokers - AMP, Mirus
    as well most futures brokers now offer fx data via an fx broker so - haven't tried it - it's
    possible you could generate fx 'tick' charts from that particular fx broker's feed
  4. ikeaboy


    thank you guys very much for your help!

    so what tick bar charts would be more reliable?
    1. multifeed spot
    2. singlefeed spot
    3. cme future currencies

    thank you very much.
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