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  1. I am getting ready to start trading more often / frequently. I have been testing with a small account, and now have a larger account with IB - that should be open in a few days. I am looking for a good charting and quotes package. I have trialed the following:

    Quote Tracker

    In your opininion what would be the best one. My trades are going to be more short term in length mostly under 10 days. I am not too concerned about real time, as I spend all day at work.
  2. H2O


    If you're looking for daily data only, try CSI (

    absolutely the best (but not the cheapest)

    I used them in the past. Very reliable
  3. Thanks - I was thinking of using CSI if I went with Amibroker.
  4. I recommend Amibroker. For real time you will need Professional edition.

  5. also there is automatic backfill from IB for real time and from Yahoo for EOD stocks
  6. agpilot


    I'll suggest TC2000 (or the TC2005 Gold end of day) for about $25/mo when buying a years worth.

    The main reason I'll suggest it is for the "Daily Worden Report."
    Almost every day there is a letter from users who write in to give detailed summary of how they use the software to help with their style of trading. I'll guess that there are several thousand such helpful reports that one can run searches on to help find those suggestion to help improve your results... This could be very helpful to someone starting out. These reports are also posted on their Website for current users to research.
    God luck.. agpilot