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  1. looking for suggestions for any good charting packages out there.

    I'm pretty simple and don't need anything elaborate as long as can do the following:

    simple movg. avg.
    2,5, 10, 30, 60 minute charting

    I don't use any technicals other than movg. avg.'s

    I used to use years ago but they stunk.. system was always down.

    thanks for any info.
  2. just21


    Who is your broker?
  3. Global futures
  4. ----- Net based:

    TradingView Free Bats Data:

    TradingView Solid program, Provides free Bats data, limited historic, but decent program... the futures data is free but limited to Daily, not intra-day

    Additional Free option is

    Fee based Net charting provider, extremely fast

    I prefer TradingView when just monitoring away from primary resources...

    ----- Locally installed programs:

    Multi charts Discretionary Trader - Free [requires data feed]:

    Multi-charts DT issolid platform, requires data feed, only difference between Free and licensed versions is that the Free MC-DT version does not accommodate custom indicators, but has sufficient provided indicators...

    May consider opening a small account with IB for data source [limited as it may be] or one of the supported brokers...

    IQfeed is a solid reliable datafeed - Fee based,

    I have used IQfeed in the past satisfactorily, due to my geographical location and ISP, I had latency issues but I am in Europe, shouldn't be a factor for US based traders, or those in regions not afflicted with a throttled ISP...

    For Historic long term charting, I haven't been able to locate a source which provides more history than Tradestation... but I only use Tradestation for research, convenient, easy organization, easylanguage... but not for live trading... platform crashes too frequently to be trusted....

    For live trading I only rely on Multicharts and broker feed for intra-day charting [IB is my primary broker] -- Rock solid combination
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    NinjaTrader is and always has been free if you do not want to use it for live trading.

    If you want to use it to trade at Global Futures, you can use it through them connected to CQG.
  6. ============
    Whichever one or 2 chart programs you choose.Focus on [1]somehing so well, when the errors come [& they will with any];
    that you catch most price & volume & 50 period moving average errors............................ Paper printed charts/plenty of data written helps-yes its more work:D
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