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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by almostatrader, Sep 25, 2003.

  1. When I'm looking at a chart, I like to be able to see a constant price range, not something that is set automatically by the charting software. Otherwise if the price goes from 1000 to 1005 in one day, it will look just the same as if it went from 1000 to 1100 if the y scale is selected automatically.

    There are some charting programs that allow you to set the top and bottom of the y scale manually but then you have to adjust it every day. For instance I can set the top of the scale at 1012 and bottom at 1000 for one day, then the next day I'll have to adjust it to 1006 and 1018.

    So far the only charting program that I've found is Ensign where you can set the price range for say a contant 12 points. Are there any other charting programs that have this feature?
  2. I drag my scale up or down.

    I fix the scale at a given value daily.

    For ES I move it to the largest size and still show a 5 point numeration on the scale. This makes it the same all the time.

    most of year I use 10 point numeration but we are just coming out of summers months.

    On Qcharts you can do this for any chart display. I really to not care what the top and bottom is; turning on the computer helps to set that initially. I just trim it to a consistant scale numeration.
  3. Thanks Grob, I was thinking of signing up for Qcharts data for futures at $79 a month instead of Esignal at $129 a month. This will help my decision a lot. In the meantime I also found that I can do just what you're talking about with Neoticker, selecting a specific range and then dragging it up and down. Neoticker also works with Qcharts data.