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  1. Someone in the past mentioned how to chart Currenex data from our broker (I believe it was either Viper or Lon Eagle). I totally misplaced that information.

    What are the possible ways to chart Currenex data and are there programs already out there that do this?

    Any of these programs provide similar charting functionality than MT4?

    How many people are out there actually doing this - or are most people using other charts as a guide while executing on separate Currenex data?
  2. Danger what is up, finally they have replaced Coker, now all we need is a replacement for Mularkey. Anyway this is how it supposedly works. You buy a permanent license for Tick Quest neoticker, this will give you access to their open API, you then build a virtual server, which is a program that acts like a quote server.

    Now the tricky part is to find a broker that will allow you to use THEIR API to connect to CurreneX. The reason for this is that if you use the CX API you will have to have it tested and certified by CX before using it, and this is were the $$$ come in, if you can use your brokers API, then you have an API that has already been tested and certified by CX, this will save you biiiig bling yo.

    Or find a broker who has or is developing an advanced trading platform that executes STP on the CX.

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  3. StrategyRunner connects to Currenex's feed and allows you to use its charting , and historical charts that it collects

    Its not esignal, but give a good value
  4. Viper, right now I have a programmer working on a quick order entry front end for our manual scalpers that will work with Currenex. It uses the Currenex Java API. He has gone back and forth one the phone with Adasa from Currenex to make sure they provided him what he needs. We will eventually try this app with ODL - I already have an IB agreement with them.

    I don't understand what you mean by it's tricky to find a broker that will allow the above to work.
  5. Hi Futures Man. I don't want to use SR. I don't want to rely on a software that charges me a transactional fee for using Currenex - nor I want to be tied to a platform that might be discontiued or something and then I'll be out of luck.
  6. Danger, what I meant was that, working off of the brokers API and not the CX API, may be a problem. Sometimes the brokers don't let you work with their API. I am not talking about the CX API but the brokers tested and certified API.

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  7. What difference does this make?

    The programmer says that it will work with ODL's Currenex. ODL says that it will work as well. Why is it better/worse to do what we're doing?
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    I assume what you mean is: with the Java API you already have access to the datastream, but you just need to store it and chart it?

    If it's of any interest to you: I'm not a scalper, but my strategies are automated. I couldn't bring myself to run them on data other than the prices I'm trading on. Therefore I am going down the CX/TS Globalserver route, which means I need an app to take data from Man's API and feed it into globalserver.

    I already have a small custom program that feeds globalserver from another broker and have been told by four seperate sources that it's virtually the same thing to use CX data, so I will be having a similar app built.
    Obviously this will give Tradestation charting, which is what my strategies are built and run on.

    Maybe you can do the same with MT4?

    Don't know if that's useful at all..
  9. The main difference that there is when using SR
    is that its server based (so your data and historical data is stored ) and also that its the only solution (even Currenex doesn't have this) that lets you see your true position (not just intra day) for you trading.

    Also the the advanced order management and trading from charts or dome is also useful for scalpers
  10. Danger, this is what I understand. If you use the raw CX API, anything you build will have to be tested and certified by CX before you use it, and this is where the cost and the time comes into play. They will not let you just plug into their system without a testing and certification phase. But if you can use the fixed or Java API that your broker has already set up, it saves you time and money.

    This is just my understanding and the information is based on conversations that I have had with our broker and CX. You might want to ask your CX rep about the certification and testing phase.

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