Charting is not needed for my ATS

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by mcgene4xpro, Mar 14, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    Who do not use Charts for their ATS?
    Why you are doing this?
    How to test or detect any wrong in your Code?

    Please share your opinions


  2. Roark


    If it loses money, there is something wrong with your code. If it makes money, then your code is ok.
  3. I have written ATSs that don't use charts.

    Why? The strategy trades across all NASDAQ 100 stocks, across multiple timeframes, and I couldn't face having 3 x 100 charts open at once!

    For error checking during development, I used bar-by-bar print statements for each variable or output of interest. Each time I wanted to review something specific, I would update the print statements so that only what I was interested in would print during the next run. Worked fine.
  4. drp7804


    Similar to abattia, I haven't (yet) put a lot of effort into generating/updating charts for real-time monitoring. I dump a lot of numbers and statistics to files, mostly in CSV format, some in HTML. From there, I can open the CSV files w/ Excel and generate whatever charts I want, play w/ the numbers more, etc.

    Not to say that real-time charting wouldn't be beneficial... I'd love it. I've done some experimenting w/ JFreeChart and R... seems like both would get the job done. But, at least for me, with the time I have, automatic chart generation almost always takes a lower priority to other items.
  5. ATS is the sure step to automated ruin.