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  1. Hey guys

    Ok, what is the best time line to use when looking at support and resistance, SMA, and just general T/A? Is it 5 min, 10min? what?

    Thank you very much
  2. TimP


    Chris Schumacher of and other forums would seem to advise that the time frames are potentially much longer (measured in weeks or months, e.g.).
    From an intra-day trading perspective, the relevant time frames probably depend on what software and other tools you are using.
  3. BSAM


    I'm guessing you don't daytrade?
  4. TimP


    Au contraire.

    The purpose behind my first comment is that some recognized professionals use longer-term data to identify the value (e.g., reward/risk) of short-term opportunities.

    My separate comment about software tools is based on the broad differences in data resolution offered by different vendors.
  5. BSAM


    On the contrary? So, you do daytrade?

    Edit: Since you are a "participating" sponsor, I am curious. If you don't, I guess that's okay. Your first reponse kinda made me think you don't.
  6. Ok...So lets say someone who is just getting there feet wet in T/A, what is a good timeframe to watch (s/r)

    Someone said 30min charts..?
  7. TimP


    valid comment. :)
  8. TimP


    my prior post omitted the subject line, where I had answered your questions, "yes and yes."
  9. =======================
    Depends on your trading written plan.:cool:

    Also prefer starting with longer time frames [weeks ,months,decades]

    Was watching on a 10 minute chart for entry like an Echotrader manager mentioned; and it was bearish/red.

    However since 20 day plus/daily was bullish like a Bright Trading company old commercial chart showed;
    entered long quickly.Its a swing/position trade.
    Dont think Bright Trading uses charts that much but know what i saw.

    Dont know exactly how Bright Trading or Echo uses those time frames but like TimP mentioned use both.
  10. ozzy


    I use the following:

    9,21,30,50,100,200 EMA's. (I apply them to all time frames)

    They are money. Don't leave home without them.

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