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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by maxtrax, May 6, 2003.

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    Hi guys I need some help finding a good charting service for futures for my buddy. I currently use the Platform from my current equities broker to do my charting but all he needs is charting for futures.

    Who do you all recommend, being that they will be on J-Trader.
    I know there are good ones out there for a good buck but trying to keep the cost under a $100 per month.

    Any ideas?

  2. e signal best for futures. not so good for stocks because of stupid symbol limit.imho
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    I would check out what the Chicago Mercantile Exchange has to offer. Their costs are very reasonable.
  5. Try some different ones out until you can figure out the features that are most important to your style of trading.
  6. BTW, to add to Banjo's post, you can use myTrack with both SierraCharts and QuoteTracker.
  7. How do you guys like the speed and accuracy of mytrack. My esignal just raised my fee from around $100 back to $185. I was looking at mytrack coupled with Investor RT and IRT told me I can subscribe to the cheapest realtime mytrack and it would be fine. The silver plan coupled wiht Irt would come to $45 for the feed plus my IRT fees. Any experience with mytrack? Thanks
  8. esignal is great, i looked around for a while before i picked a charting service. Very happy with it, great for futures.
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    MyTrack was dead on for speed and accuracy when I used it last about 6 months ago. My only complaint was that I had to use SierraChart for the actual charting. But data-quality wise it was great, very recommended.

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