charting for spreads and ratios

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by huge230, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. huge230


    What are some charting services that allow you to chart spreads and ratios? I know esignal does, any others?
  2. CQG allows for spreads and ratios...very expensive
  3. How expensive is CQG? Couldn't find pricing on their site.
  4. Arnie



    Its only $40/mo and can use IB for a data feed.
  5. Last i checked, with all exchanges CME BOT NYMEX NYSE AMEX NASDAQ...600 per month for the basic package...goes up from there.
  6. xstudy, the charting package with xtrader has a real easy to use ratio spread builder. just drag and drop your contract in.
  7. Quotetracker can do it for free.

    You create a portfolio with long and/or short legs, in any position size you want, and you chart the portfolio's total value.