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Discussion in 'Trading' started by man, Jan 31, 2003.

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    I was always bored by looking at years and years of charts trying to find structures. And I still am. Now one thing came into my mind and I would like to get your comments on that.

    I know that the human pattern recognition is by far the best system out there. Need a proof?

    Please do me a favor and turn your head slightly to the left side and then to the right with eyes open all the time. Done? Amazing what your brain just achieved so easily. Change in color, defining the end of the screen, noticing the need to change focus after passing the screen, adapting to different light, recognizing your daughter on the photo and on and on and on. And you probably did not get confused in any way.

    Now what's the point. I want to make use of this ability when looking for structures in the market. Scanning over hundreds and thousands of bars is not a real good way, since my brain does not record static information too well. It looks for patterns permanently and I have to force myself not to forget how the last one looked like when looking for similar. You get the point. So why not chart them one over the other? Why not define conditions and then let the computer plot all days, that for instance followed a narrow range bar, one over the other with each line standing for one such day and all starting at 100? And now the brain can search for patterns much easier.

    I admit that this concept is partly misguiding since it shifts some responsibilities to some extent to the conditioning side. Nevertheless we will program it.