charting e-mini's ?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by toby400, Mar 20, 2002.

  1. toby400


    Does anyone in the US know if "Prophet Station," part of, is ok to chart e-mini's live ?

  2. wild


  3. I have been using for 1 year and have found them great. I use their chart stream for stocks. I once had a problem and e-mailed them, they responded within the hour and the problem was sorted.:)
  4. Yaz


    I really like Prophet for daily action, and after-session analysis of the intraday action, using their javacharts application. But, you might want to take a look at

    It lacks the zoom-in/zoom-out ability that Prophet has, but they post the order-flow in a continuous stream along the rightside of the screen, which is VERY helpful for noting potential turning points at support/resistance in the e-minis. I can get a fairly good feel as the session goes along by noting the rhythm of the orders as they scroll down the screen. When an order makes a new intraday-session high or low, it shows up green or red - again, helpful for knowing when the momentum is shifting. I think the CME non-pro data feed is $10. Or try it out free with the 10-minute delayed CME quotes. Just go to the weblink above, and punch in ESM2 as the ticker symbol.
  5. Hello Yaz,
    I like QCharts too.
    But has a little handicap : bars time frame.....
    you can make your choice to 1 or 5 or multipler
    It's right ?

    I think the best way to set time frame is: 1 or 2 or 5 minutes
  6. rickty


    With qcharts just type in the time length of bars that you would
    like. You're not restricted 1 or 5 or whatever.
  7. Ty I did'nt it.
    Have a nice gain
  8. cclee


    I use QuoteTracker for stocks intraday charting...

    Is there a good service I can sign up for that will allow me to chart intraday NQ withint QuoteTracker?

  9. QT and NQ/ES

    You can get realtime streaming quotes in QT for the e-mini's
    from IQFeed. I signed up yesterday for the 7-day free trial
    and checked it out today. Not too bad. The quotes are not as
    fast and smooth like's T&S, but they seem okay.

    To access the IQFeed for QT, go to the QT website first and
    you will find a link there...

    IQ also has a quote monitor application that sits in the task
    bar that has info on different aspects of the quoting process.

    You can also get quotes from livecharts if you kick
    in an extra $10 with the $9.95 fee but you only get a quote
    update every 15 seconds or so.
  10. Neil


    Would someone spare a moment to explain to this simple person what is the difference between ND02M and NQ02M?

    The former is the nas futures and the latter is the nas e-mini.. which is futures too... right? So what is the futures that they quote on cnbc.. that is the former?

    So which is the best to follow for trading stocks.. ?

    I am using qcharts and at the moment the two are exactly the same but do not march to the same drum always it seems.. slight differences..

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