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  1. I want to chart a basket of stocks that I select, ie: create my own little 'index' and chart it.

    Can you suggest software for this task? I have a data from esignal.

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    i think you can do it through esignal.....give them a call, I am sure they could explain how to do it.

    good luck.
  3. I use AmiBroker and havn't used this feature yet, but it has an "add composite" feature which I think allows you to accumulate stocks into one item. I'm not 100% sure, but worth checking out.

    It can also read Esignal data, which is what I use to feed it data.
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    excellent question, I would like to chart my portfolio in real time, any other suggestions?
  5. This is from AmiBroker help...Hope it is what you might be looking for, although it requires a small amount of programming.

    AddToComposite function opens up a huge variety of interesting applications. The following examples will help you understand what you can do with AddToComposite function.

    Example 1:

    Let's say we want to create custom index (average of prices of multiple tickers). With AddToComposite function you can do this fairly easy:

    /* AddToComposite statements are for Automatic Analysis -> Scan */
    /* add Close price to our index OHLC fields */
    AddToComposite(Close, "~MyIndex", "X" );

    /* add one to open intest field (we use this field as a counter) */
    AddToComposite( 1, "~MyIndex", "I" );

    buy = 0; // required by scan mode

    /* this part is for Indicator Builder */
    graph0 = Foreign( "~MyIndex", "C" )/Foreign( "~MyIndex", "I" );

    You should use above the formula in Automatic Analysis -> Scan mode (over the group of symbols of your choice). This will create "~MyIndex" artificial ticker that will contain your index.
  6. You can also use QuoteTracker for that, with eSignal as the datafeed. Just create a portfolio with the symbols that make up the custom index. assign a fixed # of shares and base price to each entry. Once you do that, QT will track the portfolio total and let you chart that. That total is in fact the index that you are trying to chart.

    For eSignal setup:

    (You can skip the download/install of the Data Manager if eSignal is already setup on your computer)

    Jerry Medved
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    You can also create your own real-time index with TradeStation 8.x.
  8. AIQ
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    I use Good flexibility in scans and charting a number of stocks at once. Cheap. Good TA tools.
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