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  1. Anyone here have this designation? How much value is placed on the CMT within the financial industry?

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    I think it depends where. In some countries nobody has ever heard about it, and some institutions look with a wariness towards technical analysis in general - also, because an analysis based on technicals is harder to get across to a client, then talking about products and earnings.
    That being said, it'll teach you a lot about technical analysis - and, in my case, it made me a better trader as well - so, it had an immediate effect.
    If you are looking to impress a mainstay financial institution, do the CFA, if you want to get down and dirty in trading to a CMT. As they say, "The CFA is for show, the CMT is for dough."
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    I don't think I believe they should say:

    "The CFA is for show, the CMT is for know, the P-n-L is for dough."

    There is a whole world of difference between the "knowing" and the "doing".

  5. I think it depends on what and where you want to go.
    There are a lot of responses on forums that quickly dismiss these certifications or even folks that wish to go for masters and phd.
    These are typically know-it-all individual day traders imo.

    i've been working for a big investment house for over 10 years, and i can tell you that they do add value, at least on your resume.
    You won't make it any quants position for instance without atleast a masters in math, engineering or economics.

    The CFA is such a difficult certification and so few pass it, having it on your resume quickly moves you up to the top of the pile. Don't let a message board tell you otherwise.

    The CMT is more recognized now then it was in the past. As for firms not caring about TA, hogwash. in the past 5 to 10 years, virtually ever investment bank has invested heavily in technical analysis and quants. I know cause i am there and i speak from actually seeing what has and hasn't changed over the past decade.
  6. can you be a cmt after home study?
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    You can do all the studying via homestudy but you are not awarded the CMT designation until you can prove work experience in the field (with clients) for several years, find several sponsors who will endorse your work, and get approved by the MTA board.
  8. I am not keen for any designation but want to pass all the exams. How can I get all the study materials? I looked at the webside but they are not very clear. Thanks
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    Bottom line: are any of these CMTs rich after wading through all that conventional TA crap? Any multi-millionaires who got there as a result of their CMT? If the answer is no, well ...
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