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  1. I would like to learn more in depth about Range charts, Renko charts and Volume (candlestick or OHLC) charts. Particularly what are the advantages/disadvantages of these charts.

    Any reading material - articles or books dealing with these charts would help as well.

    Thanks so much. Any comments and help much appreciated
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  3. you need to classify what you are looking at
    1.candle/bar.....this is price change over time
    2.renko/point and figure.this is price change......NO time element
    volume:this is the number ie an amount.and change /rate of etc
    youneed to find out which you want to look at

  4. Thanks for your reply. What I am looking is which chart type is better for trading. What are the advantages of one over the other.
  5. what is youre time horizon.?
  6. That depends on your strategy.

    Thus, nobody can tell you which is better unless you reveal the details of your entry and exit signal.

  7. strategy...yes agreed
    but what you are looking at is to extract information from the chart.the info you are looking for is price change and volume changes.once the information is acquired you then decide what is it you are trying to do.
    there is no best chart is what you understand from the information displayed.the chart is just numerical values displayed visually
  8. Thanks for reply

    I have no specific entry or exit signals. I am trying to trade e mini futures and I thought is there any advantage of one chart type over the other. Would I have better entry signals say using using range candlestick over normal candlestick or volume candlestick?

    Thanks again
  9. Thanks That is exactly I would like to know. Would one chart type display this information in better visual form to make decision about entry or exit . See above post as well.
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