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    Hello all.......

    Fairly new trader here with a quick question. Are there trade platforms out there that allow for a user to implement automated trading using a combination of technical indicators, ie. MA's, MACD's, etc? I am looking to start small and actively trade during the day, but I can not afford to quit my day job at the moment, nor can I actively access my account from work. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.
    This is my first post but I admire the amount of knowledge that is on these forums....hopefully once I have a little more knowledge I too can throw my two cents in!
  2. Do you have any prior experience in markets?

    You OBVIOUSLY did not put any effort to research this yourself and put NO effort whatsoever to read any past threads.

    So I'll do a tiny work for you because it came off the top of my head.

    Wealthlab from Fidelity *i think* is your best bet probably. Good luck with surviving with those commissions though which force you to trade big, and trading big means big losses.

    If you don't even put in an effort to do the research yourself... why bother with losing all your money in an automated system?

    Funny, their deep discounts reach deep in the pocket.
  3. Yeah learning is good , I think that's why you posted though isn't it ? Well let me be of some assistance...You are probably starting with a smaller account. Consider trading index futures - mini gold and mini oil stuff like that -try to avoid penny stocks - learn about short sales- you have to be able to trade both directions.
    Avoid people that make you feel dumb, they'll destroy your confidence and you will be needing all you can get.
    Be patient with yourself- you will learn if you stick with it.
    Find books on charting, economic indicators- learn economics, why prices move..always ask why ??? and find out why.- spend plenty of time pretend trading before going to cash.

    Best of wishes to you. work hard, you'll get there(or somewhere)
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    I appreciate your advice, and I look forward to learning and getting to know more of you guys on here.
  5. I doubt you will be able to "trade actively" during the day without being able to access your account while you work. What is an error occurred in your automated system?

    If I were you I would either begin by trading some type of end of day type of methodology, or find a new job where you can access your account.