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    right now I trade with Ninja and PATs using Ninja's Chart Trader. Looking to try and get commissions down a little and was wondering if anybody uses a similar "chart trader" for placing all their trades through and what they thought about it, good and bad.

    So far Ninja has been good, do like their chart trader, easy to use, very visual. I checked out "Zen Trader" once not as clean or nice as Ninja and at the time commissions weren't any cheaper, so why swap. I do use Kinetick for historic, though see that'll go up another $70 a month for Ice feed.

    Any info' on other software for chart trading would be most appreciated.

    I see X trader would be great for commissions, but don't see a "chart trader" software that will work through it.

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    thank you will see which other brokers there use, and check out their screen shots etc.

    Thank ,
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    You may also want to check out eSignal's Chart Trading. We've had this feature for a number of months, and eSignal's broker agnostic approach means you can minimize commissions by going with one of the brokers of your choice.

    eSignal 11 is also just a few weeks away, which brings a whole new player to the game.
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    Ok thank you, will give it a look too.
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    Open e Cry. Platform is free. Trade from chart in a number of ways. Commissions are competitive. I'm not sure how the reliability compares, though. Lots of debate in other threads about that aspect.
  6. IB (free historic; ICE feed is $1 per mont) + Ninja (whatever you're paying; lifetime license is best value).

    The X-trader comms that you may have seen are probably without the $500 - or so - monthly fee. There's no way you're going to get cheaper comms with X-trader. It comes with X-study that allows you to trade from the chart with/without a DOM:
  7. Go sierracharts and never look back.

    It's only like $25 a month !!!
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    thank you all for your responses, I appreciate all your inputs, will look at some demos over the next days and let you know what I decide to do.
    Right now I know by switching I'll get my commissions under $4 a RT maybe around $3.80 give or take a few pennies, maybe less.
    Thank you.
    p.s. as a side note if I can stick with Global I will, have been very impressed with their quick responses in answering the phone (traded over seas and have needed assistance because of bad net) Though really does depend on commissions, for the next couple of months still trading small (500-800RT's a month) and this is the time to get which set up I'll end up using in place.
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    An update called X trader and asked about thier X study, found out they use to offer chart trading, but had some issues and so no longer ofeer it at this time.