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  1. ww
    Exactly the same setup.
    Smooth uptrend W good technicals breaks.
    High volume, very fast downtrend.
    Hits support (preferably where the uptrend began, or where the first large increase in slope was), then buy with a stop below support.

    PS, was that doubler GMCR?
    I nailed it within a few % of the bottom and averaged out for about a double. (I also had bought some about 20% below the next top, but bought much much more near the bottom, so came out very well).
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  2. no it was MIMS
    #12     Nov 30, 2001
  3. I just Had a look at that site GCast, couldn't get on it the other day kept getting error messages.
    I liked the chart on handspring in the news bit, Wonder how much strength is left in HAND.

    Has enybody been trading handspring?
    Theres loads of action im going to keep an eye on it. Look to pick it up after it sells off a bit.

    Any thoughts?:cool: :cool:
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  4. GCast

    GCast Guest

    Watson1, yeah nice play on HAND good recomedation I played the 2-day breakout entered @6.25 smooth run.. Personally I think its going south going to exit @7.25 unless it falls below 6.75.. Although if 7.25 breaks we could go to $8, best to play it real time will see monday!
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  5. Do you trade for a living Gcast?:(
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  6. Turok


    wwatson1 asks:
    >Has enybody been trading handspring?

    I prefer NVDA

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  7. Hi turok
    NVDA for long or short?

    I just brought out the daily chart looks a bit week.

    declining 14 period relative strength.

    But seems to be forming a bit of a rising flag pattern.

    could see it consolidatate into a triangle and break out in next few weeks.

    Let me know your thoughts:)
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  8. Magna

    Magna Administrator

    To me NVDA looks like it might be forming a double top. But I can't underestimate being added to the SP500, so the fund mgrs. who haven't bought in yet will still have to. But I was surprised by it's relatively weak vol on Friday.
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  9. I can see your point.

    I just pulled up the 5 year chart on NVDA definately one to watch next couple of weeks its at a crucial desision point.

    It is actualy at an established 5 month resistance line, if it breaks out on volume who knows the potential but if there isn't enough interest i bet we see a nice selloff.

    Im going through my charts today ill let you know if i see eneything of intrest.

    Thanks for the tip:) :)
    #19     Dec 2, 2001
  10. Yes NVDA is most certainly a stock to keep one's eye on, since ENE was replaced by it in the S&P.
    #20     Dec 2, 2001